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Online fitness program specifcially designed for middle aged men. As men in our 40's (only for a couple more years), we understand the time pressures, the stresses and most importantly how to get results as a middle aged man

Muscular middle-aged man posing on white background, isolated studio shot, back view, perf

40 Minute Exercise Program

40 mins a day, 4 x per week.  A sustainable health and fitness program designed to work with your lifestyle

Workout from home with minimal equipment

If you want to avoid all the crazy stuff in a gym, you can!  Workout in the comfort of your own home.  Or use our program at the gym and avoid the fight over the squat racks

Lifting Barbells

It's not about your scale weight, it's about your health

We are not interested in before and after transformations.  We want to get you started on the path of health so you can take less prescribed medicines in the morning

Simple Nutrition Guidelines

Starting an exercise program without some simple and basic nutrition guidelines is like rowing with one arm

Egg and Spinach Salad
Summer Sunset

Custom App with full exercise explanations

The trend is to make exercise confusing.  We think that is stupid.  Simple, effective exercises designed for the Middle Aged Man

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