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You are more than the scales!

I am a big advocate to ensuring our focus is on being fit and healthy as opposed to exercising and working out to hit a weight target or measurement.

However, if you do not maintain some form of measurement it is very easy to steadily put on weight. One day you wake up and bang - your jeans aren't fitting as nicely and the scales have gone up 3 or 4 kilos.

So there has to be some measurement. And unfortunately the scales are the most accessible form of measurement.

So if you have to weigh yourself, just remember a couple of things. If you have put weight on after a big carb meal the night before don't worry. If the scales haven't moved and you feel like you have been pretty disciplined with your eating - don't worry - it is a marathon not a sprint.

Treat your weigh ins as simply a form of measurement and don't react to short term increases. If you are steadily increasing weight then you know it is time to dial in the diet again. And that is how life should be. If you have over indulged for a few weeks in a row and scales and clothes are confirming this - then just dial in the diet for a couple of weeks. Treat the scales as a way to confirm what your next actions will be.

In saying all of this - there is one very important point - your worth is more than a number on the scales. Find a weight/lifestyle that you are happy with and you can maintain. Sure it won't be like the vacuous idiots on Instagram - but it will be something you can maintain and you have confidence - after all - that is all we are really aspiring to - a level where we like ourselves and have confidence.

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