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Why do you always attack Personal Trainers?

I am not attacking them personally. I am attacking them for the information they are putting out and over complicating what really is pretty simple.

Stats suggest we are living in a time that is the unhealthiest we have ever seen. Yet gyms are bustling, PT's books a full, the wealth of information freely available is abundant and yet we live in the unhealthiest time ever.

So something is wrong.

And it is as simple as this.

I blame consumers and I blame the fitness industry.

Looking like a skeleton with skin is not healthy and shouldn't be aspired to? It is pretty basic. Celebrating on stage in humiliatingly poses is not being healthy.

Years ago this was considered niche and only 1% of the population were involved in this niche industry. Guess what - still only 1% are yet it over represents the content of fitness peoples social media.

According to social media, everyone now bulks and shreds and god forbid no peels!

THE only way to lose weight is by counting macros. Weigh everything guys - lets not have any fun anymore. Lets rely on a calculator to tell us what our macros should be, then be a slave to this. Lets not educate people how to eat better and be healthy. Let's educate them that as long as it fits into your macros! For crying out loud - for an industry that professes to want to to help as many people as possible - it is a rort!

You see it is not sexy to tell people that the way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat less than what you are doing now, eat more protein and cut down on the refined crap, cut out most junk food, weight train 3-4 times a week, go for a walk everyday and drink water above anything else.

It literally is that simple. I lost 18kgs doing this. It is not that hard.

People want to baffle you with science - progressive overload, reverse diets, macros, refeeds - FFS.

The industry needs to improve and consumers need to to not consume the bull crap!

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