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Where do you start in your fitness journey?

Let's be very clear, the fitness industry is a great industry. Being fit and healthy is much better than being unfit and unhealthy.

That being said our industry has gone too far! Our industry is dominated by niche elements, social media influencers who build an audience and then think they can educate and personal trainers who venture way too far out of their lane!

You see, our philosphy has always been to keep fitness simple and attainable for everyone. Personal trainers offering mental health advice, the industry suggesting that being ultra shredded for a bodybuilding compeition is healthy and fitspos releasing exercise programs has created a mish mash of information. For the average human being - where do you start?

Start here! Find a form of exercise or training that you enjoy. Find people who are not trying sell you a gimmick. Find a program that fits into your lifestyle. #lifestyle Try things out until you find the thing that you will stick to. #fitness #perthfitfam

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