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The only way to stand out is to be niche - so WHY ARE WE GENERALISTS?

When we started this thing, people/experts were telling us to move the business into a niche field. The only way to stand out in the fitness industry is to be niche. Thats all good and well, but when one of your pillars is "fitness for everyone" it is pretty hard to be niche!

Our focus has always been to appeal to the masses. Through our posts you will see that we fight against popularising parts of our industry that have no right to be popular. Our version of being fit, closely aligns with being healthy - and being healthy looks different on different people. Just like every hitter is different, every footballer is different - being fit and healthy is different on different people.

So how can we be niche if we think allowing for our differences means that people's paths to fitness will be different. Simple answer? You can't!

Everyone can be fit and healthy - everyone will get there by doing different things. If you are the serious athlete - our custom coaching 1:1 program "I.D." is unique and the results are impressive.

If you are not so serious and want to go to the gym "to be fit and healthy" our Gym Junkie and Minimus (minimal equipment) programs are perfect.

If you are strapped for time, have family commitments and can't get to the gym - then our fixed time programs - Truth 28, Booty Build and Gains are perfect for you.

Truth Fitness is simply "fitness for everyone"

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