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THE GREAT RESET - for Fitness!

Everything in the fitness industry is topsy turvy. It's nonsense! The goal to be fit and healthy is no longer a worthwhile objective. Now you have to be ripped and shredded, or you need to be striving for something amazing, maybe you need to be prepping for a bodybuilding contest or you have to train to progressive overload to hit PR's.

Everyone just needs to calm the f$ck down.

This is the problem...We are constantly told we're not eating enough, or eating too much. We're not drinking enough water, or haven't hit our 10 000 steps. We're supposed to sleep 7-9 hours a night... I don't think I have slept 7-9 hours in 20 years!

Since when did being fit and healthy have to be measured by absolutely everything?

The loonies out there talk about a conspiracy theory called The Great Reset. Well we need one for the fitness industry! Our lives are a pressure cooker already - let's stop putting extra pressure on ourselves because we only drank 1.5 litres of water today! That fact doesn't make you terrible person!

Don't get me wrong - if you need some motivation in your life or you want to chase a PR that's great. Maybe you want to train for a comp, or you'd like to train for a beauty contest, then go for it. But for the mere mortals in society with kids and jobs and the pressures of life - all you really need to do is just exercise.

Sometimes moving and being active is better than doing nothing. Oftentimes that is all you need and doing that regularly is the best thing you can do for you. Stop putting extra pressure on yourself and just keep it simple.

So here is "The Truth Fitness - Great Reset... eat well most of the time. Have protein with all meals. Drink water and try to avoid sugary drinks. Go for a walk every day - don't worry about counting your steps - just go for a walk - you'll love it! Sleep however much you need - surprise surprise - your body will tell you when you haven't had enough. Do some form of other exercise 3-4 days a week. Stop adding pressures to you life. This is all the normal everyday person needs to do.

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