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The Fitness Industry is Booming....

The Fitness industry is booming. putting the pandemic aside and the impact that has had on certain countries, the Fitness Industry is a growth industry and has been for a long time.

So if the industry is booming - why are obesity statistics going up at incredible rates? Why are so few people taking care of their bodies and prioritizing health?

The statistics according to WHO:

Worldwide Obesity has nearly tripled since 1975

In 2016 39% of adults were overweight and of these 13% were obese

Most of the world's population live in countries where being overweight and obese, kills more people than being underweight

Obesity is preventable

It therefore makes little sense that the fitness industry is booming but health indexes are not reducing and haven't been for over 40 years.

So rather than the place all the blame at the individual - some of it has to be placed at the industry. Gyms and programs that are stupidly expensive, a culture of appearance over health, celebrity fitness and even worse influencer fitness are all playing a part in making fitness and health confusing and not affordable,

Personal trainers focusing on appearance as opposed to health is also bloody stupid. (My hobby horse - if you are a personal trainer and you train bikini or bodybuilding comp athletes - you are not helping people - you are contributing to an unrealistic aesthetic and a downright dangerous one and if you had any moral compass you would stop).

So the answer! Make fitness affordable and accessible. Make it reach as many people as possible and do not get caught up on ideologies (this form of fitness is better because......blah, blah blah).

Back to the WHO - the recommendation is for adults to undertake 150 minutes of vigorous exercise per week - this means lifting weights and building a sweat.

At Truth - our belief is to Fit into your Lifestyle. 150 minutes per week split over 5 days is 30 mins per session. For our Fast Fit 30 program, we custom design 5 x 30 minute sessions per week and we charge an absolute ridiculous price of $15(US) per month. When we run specials that is less than $10 per month.

So we have answered the questions - we are targeting many, we have made the program fit into your lifestyle - just 30 mins a day, 5 x a week, and we have made it affordable and accessible to most people. If you have a phone and a spare $10 per month, you can do our program. If you have no equipment - you can still do our other program - Truth 28 - bodyweight and bands only workout.

We want to make fitness accessible and affordable!

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