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Should you sack your PT (Test)?

I have spent hours upon hours trying to come up with a simple formula where you can assess how good your Personal Trainer is?

It can be done in 4 quick steps.

Step 1 - find their business instagram account.

Step 2 - Look at their latest 12 posts

Step 3 - if they are male - how many of those posts are of themselves with their shirt off with videos/photos of them training or posing or even better when their shorts pulled up like a G string showing their quads? If they are female replace "with their shirt off" with "photos in their bikini" or photos of their ass or photos of them exercises on the beach in their bikini.

Step 4 - If more than half of the first 12 posts are of the above - then sack them straight away.


Ask yourself if they are more interested in you as their client or building their social media profile?

This is a proven formula. Check it out!

Another reason to sack your personal trainer!

If you ever see your personal trainer post something like - I cannot do checkins this week because it is peak week as I am being an idiot and competing in a bikini comp and my life is more important than yours - then you do not even need to complete the test above - you just sack them.

In what world is it justifiable for a service profession to think that they are more important than their clients. It is absolutely nonsense.

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