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James Smith is WRONG!

At the risk of receiving loads of hate - I just watched the latest James Smith clip talking about tracking calories. Other than being the biggest load of nonsense I have heard in a long time, and rambling nonsense at that - he is just wrong.

You see he describes calorie tracking as a tool to lose weight. He compares it to a if you are buying a TV and you measure the wall first. It really is rambling nonsense

Young people these days like to think they are being clever by making comparisons. Except they forget one thing - the comparisons have to make sense. It sounds clever and funny in a James Smith kind of way, but it has no relevance. Its not bloody groundhog day - when you buy the TV you measure the wall once - you don't do it every bloody day.

He then goes onto rambling about finding something that works - whether it be skipping breakfast, only tracking your daytime meals and leaving a big enough calorie surplus for dinner. He then goes on about finding something that works. So in one segment he says count your calories- in the other he says find something that works.

So lets make one thing really clear - tracking calories is OBSESSIVE - there is no other way to describe it. Don't believe me - then see below. This is just a random screenshot from someone's story - if this doesn't sound obsessive - then I don't know what is obsessive. And I would be able to give 20 examples of these a day just from people I follow.

NO - you do not need to track macros to lose weight. It is not a tool that is suitable for everyone. I lost 18kgs and never tracked a macro. When we didn't have mobile phones how do you think people lost weight - they decided to eat a more healthy diet, eat less calories and exercise and move more. Modern technology is great - I am big advocate - but you do not need a step tracker to make sure you hit 10 000 steps per day - just go and walk for an hour. Instead of parking your car right at the front of the shops/work - park it a bit further away. If you didn't hit 10000 steps, who gives a flying F&%k. Track your steps, hit your macros, track you sleep - it is nonsense.

So to the James Smith's of the world - how about we just eat well. move more and get enough sleep.

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