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Don't train like everyone else!

If you follow my previous blogs, you will know that we do things a little different @ TRUTH.

Our principles are pretty simple:

* Make fitness fit into your lifestyle

* Make your fitness program affordable

* Make your fitness program accessible

Most of our programs are written with the notion that our clients do not have much equipment available to them, We always give options if you are lucky enough to be able to go to a gym, but the world is strange at the moment, there are a lot of people who do not have that priveledge. So this is part of making fitness accessible. Do not let a lack of equipment be the reason you do not start your fitness journey. Even if you have no equipment - we have a program for that as well - TRUTH28 - check it out:

We also believe that for the normal average person (who just happens to be 99.5%of us), we do not need to be spending 2 hours at the gym. If our ambitions and goals are simply to look better, feel better and move better - we do not need excessive exercise programs and continued pressure for progressive overload. We just need to move a little more and 3-5 x weight sessions per week - you do not have to kill yourselves. If you want to kill yourself - go for it. So our programs range from 28 minutes to 45 minutes. This is part of making fitness fit into your lifestyle. If you are like most us, you cannot spare 2 hours - and you really don't need to.

Remember we are all different. I saw a quote the other day that went something like ïf we all ate the exact same and exercised the exact same, we would still look different to each other". So just because some muscle bound (probably assisted) bloke who takes more photos with his shirt off tells you to train a certain way it may not work for you. If you have a fulltime job, and look after 3 kids, and you try to enjoy life a little - training like that probably will not work for you. So make fitness work for you!

Fitness has to be balanced with life, otherwise you won't keep doing it and it will simply be a something you look back on in a few years time and say remember when!

So should you train like the personal trainer with lip fillers, botox and other additions who competes in bikini competitions, thinks looking like a skeleton with eyes is a good look and preaches wellness and cleansing as they worry about what that piece of bread's macros are and have another chemical injected into them? MMMMMM Let me think about that- NO!

Train in a way that suits you!

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