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Do you even need a Personal Trainer?

I know I go on about our industry - but when something so obviously broken it is very hard not to!

Our philosphy has always been that fitness should be for everyone! You should not feel intimidated or scared, you should not feel confused and ultimately it should fit your lifestyle.

So do you even need a personal trainer?

I have seen some crazy stuff in my time. From the personal trainer who charges $65 for a 30 min session and doesn't even have a plan for his clients - just makes it up as he goes along. To the personal trainer/s who think that just because you are insured it is OK to bring people to dangerous levels of body fat, or the personal trainer who specialises in preparing bikini competitors and whose wife suffered from a lack of period for a time because she got too lean! His own wife!!!!!!

You see - it is utter bullshit!

Our industry is broken. We appeal to niche elements and forget the average person. Thank christ for some of the group fitness classes around - at least they cater to the normal human being.

With this being said, do you even need a personal trainer.


Why would you pay someone $60+ for them to spend 30 minutes with you going through exercises. You can do it yourself. The world has evolved. You can purchase some awesome online programs that will give you everything you need to get fit and healthy.

For 99.5% of us - that is the normal people amongst us - not those that want to particpate in niche competitions, you just need some guidance. That shouldn't cost you $60 for 30 mins.

If I can acompish only one thing it will be to wake up this industry and appeal to the masses!

The absolutely only time to high a PT - if you are athlete or if you need assistance with motivation. Anything outside of this is just a complete waste of money. And I don't know about you - but I would rather spend my $60 on more beneficial things.

#sackyourPT #fitness #fitnessforeveryone #truthinfitness #befit #behealthy

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