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Be Fit and Healthy - forget the rest!

I saw this great post from Opex Fitness that I think best sums up how to go about your fitness journey.

In summary it is really not that hard!

In summary I think this is the perfect representation of what we should be teaching and educating our clients. There are some other things I would add into the "NOT THAT" column but it is one of the best things I have seen.

I am not a fan of over complicating things. I am also not fan of pushing elements of our industry that cause further issues (tracking macros causes issues with food later on). And this simplifies the message.

If you just do this, your fitness and health will improve.

As you know one of our philosophies is to "make fitness fit into your life". By keeping it simple - you will go a long way to make your journey sustainable.

#sackyourpt #keepitsimple #healthy #perthfitfam #fitness

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