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46, hairy ass and not built like a Hemsworth

This is me - 46 years of age, and not built like Thor! What place do I have launching a personal training business?

I have very little personal social media presence, almost every photo I have of me is with a shirt on, and my business is based on what I can deliver as opposed to what I look like. More on this later.....

Don't get me wrong - I am doing OK for 46! But I feel out of place, why?

Because somehow this industry has become a popularity contest. These days a PT's socila media presence will have more photos of themselves working out, or on the beach usually shirtless, as opposed to what they can do for their clients . Or maybe it is someone who has prepped for a bikini contest and thinks that is what everyone shoud do - and you know my thoughts on that! It is an industry dominated by reality TV contestants, beauty paegent contestants and look at me influencers.

But how shredded you are is irrelevant to whether or not you are a good coach! And walking the walk and talking the talk is not what is being represented in our industry. The size of your muscles (more than likely with some assistance) is irrelevant to what you program, how you program, empathy for your clients and understanding what works for different clients.

Shane Orr is a Crossfit coach who has coached the womens champion for 4 years straight, coached the mens champion and has a stable of elite athletes. As far as I can see - Shane Orr was an average crossfitter, but a brilliant coach!

So hairy ass and all - let me tell you what I am good at - I understand how to create programs for your lifestyle. I have empathy for the fact that you may have 3 kids you are looking after and having to home school them - been there done that! I understand that exercise is a priority, but not the only PRIORITY! I understand what it is like to have a job and try and find the time to exercise. I undersatnd the stress of paying bills or mortgage repayments and how that takes priority over fitness. I understand that one size does not fit all - so just because a 20 year old "Thor Look alike with no shirt" has been training a certain way - it may not be right for you.

I also understand the differences in what we want to achieve! The person who lives in the suburbs who may just want to get fit, the broken crossfitter who loves crossfit but is always injured, the crossfit athlete who wants to compete at local levels, the parent who used to be fit in their 20's and then life got in the way. I have been there, done it, seen it or coached it. Sometimes you need experience.

Truth Fitness is a culmination of our journey, It gives us the chance to reach thousands of people stuck at home looking after children, broken crossfitters, local athletes or those with dad bods who want to lose the dad bod.

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