Possibly the hardest 30 min workout you will experience!

Burn Fat Build Muscle

Burn Fat Build Muscle

30 Minute Workouts that will make you sweat and burn calories

Strength Training

Strength Training

Get Strong in only 30 mins!

Suitable for Everyone

Suitable for Everyone

Full coaching support

Work at Your Pace

Work at Your Pace

Swap out Barbells and Dumbbells depending on what you have!

Build Muscle

Build Muscle

Possibly the HARDEST 30 min workout you will experience

Work fulltime? 

Looking after kids?

have no spare time?

Can't afford to spend hours in the gym?

In lockdown and gyms are not open?

Sick of quick workouts that are just bench hops and star jumps?

FAST FIT 30 is the only exercise program you will ever need

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30 minutes of intense work!  Using minimal equipment, this is a strength and conditioning program like nothing else.

You will burn calories long after the workout has finished.

These hurt!  But they HURT so good!

Full body workouts that hit all the major movement patterns.


The workout you'll get in 30 minutes is incredible.

5 full body strength and conditioning Workouts per week

full video support

direct access to coaches

55 $15(us) per month


"In 30 Mins I experience a hard and intense workout.  I have not done anything like this before.  You will lift weights, you will sweat and you will love it"

— Name, Title


“I'm a chef, I work some really long hours.  The last thing I want to do is be in the gym for hours.  This is perfect.  30 minutes - it's hard but I can work at my pace”