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Lifting Weights
Lifting Weights

Hey There

Our Mission (not our goal, not our objective, but our absolute MIssion) @ Truth Fitness is to "Make Middle Aged Men Healhy"  We want to reach out to as many men over 40 years of age and educate, convince and show them that a life of activity, movement, healthy eating and reducing stress will make us healthier, life longer and happier!

All About US

You see, we have been on both sides.  We have been overweight, we have had doctor's tell us that we need to become more active to alleviate heath concerns.  We have lived a life that hasn't alsways been filled with movement.  We have los weigh, built muslce and reversed lifestyle diseases.

We have changed our diets, we have learnt how to exercise.  We have learnt how to make daily movement, regular strength training and conditoning are part of our lives.

But, we have failed many times, started something new because tha's what we read about, started a fantastic new diet that was unsustainable.

The middle aged man is he forgotten species in the fitness boom.  No-one gives information for this age segment.  It's not sexy!  We are going to change that!

Making Middle Aged Men Healthy is our  MISSION.

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